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Having a sexy belly is the dream of women, especially with the arrival of summer, season of the bodies to show. However, factors such as pregnancy and wide variations in body weight can bring changes in abdominal aesthetic that in many cases can be impossible to correct only with regular exercise and adopting a balanced diet. When the abdominal flab is already installed, with the presence of stretch marks, the skin of the abdominal region has lost its elasticity. in These cases is Indicated plastic surgery tummy tuck, Which can restore the aesthetics of the tummy region.

The first step in the surgery starts from the consultation with your tummy tuck surgeon. It will explain in all detail the details about the procedure, request pre operative tests required and you Indicate whether or not you have indication for the same. Patients with abdominal large flab, not responsive to diet and physical activity can really benefit from your surgeon. It shouldn’t be in mind thatin many cases the patient does not have only abdominal tenderness, but also localized fat. Plastic surgery of the abdomen will not remove excess localized fat, but only sagging abdomen. If the patient wishes Also an improvement in body contouring, you must associate the liposuction procedure that can Be Performed along with abdominoplasty (also called lipoabdominoplasty), or be conducted separately, before or after the plastic of the abdomen. In many cases only performing liposuction may already be sufficient to abdominal treat laxity (which would Prevent the attainment of abdominoplasty Guelph and the resulting scar thereof), the liposuction causes severe shrinkage of the skin during their healing process, but this option shouldn’t be evaluated by your surgeon, Which will tell you if this applies to you. To learn more about liposuction and liposculpture.

Abdominoplasty Surgery Process

abdominoplasty Guelph surgeons tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is Performed in a hospital setting , usually under general or spinal anesthesia, it has an average duration of 3 hours for its realization and requires hospitalization for about 24 hours. The procedure is Indicated where the patient exhibits sagging excess in the abdomen, that may Occur after major weight loss, or more Usually after the pregnancy.

The operation begins with the abdominal skin in by advance the surgeon excess is removed. The resulting surgery scar will be located in the pubic region and its length (size) will vary According to each patient. The higher the amount of this sagging, the greater the scarring ┬áresult, which may have provided a similar extension to the caesarean section scar, such as the mini abdominoplasty, to the classical or complete tummy tuck, When there is greater sagging, and scar goes from one iliac crest to another Benthic, usually can be Within the hidden intimate patient’s clothing brand.

In some cases, beyond the horizontal incision in the pubic region, the vertical scar can be necessary When there is a very large excess skin (especially in patients who underwent bariatric surgery), abdominoplasty in the call anchor. In the modified Guelph abdominoplasty , the patient has sagging skin, but not enough to be taken up above the navel. in this case, the old Navel site will remain vertical scar small beyond the horizontal scar. All These possibilities shouldn’t be thoroughly Discussed with your surgeon prior to performing the procedure, so there are no surprises after surgery. the patient Usually savvy has a much higher satisfaction rate than that he was not aware of the limitations and possible results of your plastic surgery.

After anesthesia, surgery begins with the incision locations in the previously by marked the surgeon. At that team, in addition to Evaluating the excess skin to be removed, the surgeon Usually makes the plication ( “seam”) of the rectums abdominal muscles, Which Usually are separated ( “diastasis”) as a result of pregnancy or major weight loss. this plication will act to an “inner belt”, reducing the waist and assisting in the aesthetics of the abdomen. After this stage, we resection of excess skin and repositioning of the umbilicus in its old location.

Depending surgery may be necessary the presence of abdominal drains that may performance for 24-48 hours and has the function of preventing the formation of Hematoma in the postoperative period. Completed this step are Performed healing and the patient returns to the room, where it will remain hospitalized for about 24 hours until discharge.

Abdominoplasty Recovery

After your tummy tuck Guelph surgery, the patient must use an abdominal compression garment for about two months. In the early days, the patient shouldn’t avoid performing physical effort and shouldn’t go curved to prevent the extension of scar. Ideally the patient shouldn’t for about 20-30 days for a full recovery. the points are removed generally after about 15-21 days and the end result is Often Observed in 3-4 months, During Which team most of the swelling has disappeared and the patient can observe the abdominal its new contour.