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What is Rhinoplasty

The Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery indicated for aesthetic nose correction, there are numerous possibilities: increase or decrease the nose, give projection to the point, sharpen the nasal wings and to decrease bone hump, which is with doctors call the “bone” or “callus” the nose. the practice of rhinoplasty is quite old. It is estimated that has been developed between the late 19th and early 20th century Obviously, today, there is a broad understanding of nasal physiology and anatomy of the nasal segment. Thus, there is a constant evolution of plastic techniques in this region. “From the first rhinoplasty San Diego , made by the surgeon, the surgery calls made directly on the body of the structure (open surgery), there was a progress not only in relation to surgical techniques, increasingly accurate, as with regard to the recovery of patients, faster and faster, “says plastic surgeon Gerson Luiz Julio, member of the Brazilian Society of plastic Surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery recommended for those who are dissatisfied with the natural shape of the nose. Surgery is often associated with other nasal procedures, such as repair of the nasal septum, which is the removal of part of the nasal, popular, which typically increases in the presence of allergies such as rhinitis. Rhinoplasty can be done from the age of 15, the age at which the development of the patient’s facial is now complete.

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How is the surgery done?
There are two techniques used for rhinoplasty: open or closed. In the open technique it is made a small incision in the nasal root, between the nostrils, and the inside of each nostril. In the closed technique, no incisions just inside the nostrils. “The best San Diego rhinoplasty surgeons for your nose job technique is most appropriate where there is a need for major changes in the tip of the nose,” says plastic surgeon Wagner Montenegro. “But these cases can also be used to closed technique, so it is up to the plastic surgeon what the adopted type.” An important point is that the closed rhinoplasty is a procedure that requires highly qualified professional, as it is carried out without the surgeon’s vision, ie the plastic surgeon working in the dark, since the patient’s nose skin is not raised. In the closed technique has some advantages, such as the procedure is a little more agile, the end result giving the nose a more natural consistency, faster recovery than in open surgery and not get no apparent scar. Although most applications – if the reduction and remodelling, there are cases that can be done nasal increased through the cartilage graft, prosthesis or implant filling on site. To decrease the size of the nose job, the cartilage parts are removed and / or is held scraping and sanding the bone. The fracture of the nasal bone is performed only in specific cases, assessed previously during physical examination, in order to reduce, the “stone fruit” of the nose, and also the broad – based. In such cases, respectively, the fracture is done to compensate for the bone rasp, which decreases the bone’s local mass by stimulating bone formation and for tuning the local nose people having very wide basis. Who suffered any previous fracture, which left the crooked nose, you may also need the nasal fracture to adjust it. Anesthesia may be general or even local sedation, if used overall, of the patient and the breathing is required It will be aided by devices (only during the surgical procedure). The operation takes approximately two hours. The patient goes through rhinoplasty is released on the same day. In cases of rhinoplasty surgery associated with functional surgery, the patient should be admitted for a period of 12 to 24 hours.

Criteria for the nose job

The criteria for indication of rhinoplasty and nose format is the proportion and facial symmetry through the face of the measures, always understanding and respecting the patient’s wishes. However, the plastic surgeon Wagner Montenegro, member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery he explains that the sensitivity to note the best way and the procedure for each face type is not found in perfect calculations, so the aesthetic view of the surgeon must be considered. Today there are software in 3D using the photo of the patient for viewing nose after plastic surgery, but it is important to remember that they give only a vague notion of the results and not sure how it could be the result.

Associated procedures to rhinoplasty
It is also common to associate to rhinoplasty surgery San Diego and nose job to other nasal procedures such as correction of nasal septum and turbinate. In this case, it is recommended that surgery be performed by the plastic surgeon . They may also be held together other facial plastic surgery.

Exams required
In addition to the tests required before any surgical procedure (blood tests, cardio logical evaluation of sodium, potassium, urea and creatinine and coagulation), the doctor may order some imaging, such as computed tomography to assess in more detail nasal structure. Where are associated with functional surgeries such as the correction of the nasal septum, are needed: x-ray of the face and nasal endoscopy.