If your looking for the best surgeons for your mommy makeover Burns Lake , then look no further! We have carefully chosen the best for your plastic surgery…

Good question! Some moms-to-be get delightfully beautiful beach ball tummies with no visible stretch marks…and a few days after giving birth they are back to normal! Well, these women do not need mommy makeover procedures.
A Mommy Makeover will fix the problems that cannot be remedied by diet and exercise.
Problems such as:

– Saggy breasts
– Flabby tummies
– Flabby thighs and hips
– Stretch marks
– And splotchy skin to name a few

Plastic Surgery Consultation

A consultation with plastic surgeon is the first step in transforming back into your pre-pregnancy body. Each mommy makeover Burns Lake is a surgeon to every woman, and can be a mixture of two or more cosmetic surgery procedures. Mommy Makeover Photos It is important to know that you have the ability to customize your plastic surgery procedures in order to satisfy your unique goals. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain which of the following procedures will help you meet your goals:

mommy makeover Burns Lake

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty):

As a mom, you understand that having children changed your body in many ways. No matter how great your diet and exercise regimen is, if your tummy tuck won’t retract it’s not your fault. Pregnancy can cause abdominal muscles to stretch so much that no amount of crunches can repair them.
Your plastic surgeon can perform your procedure in Burns Lake , British Columbia , to tighten the abdominal muscles, remove excess fat and skin, and re-tighten your ab muscles to create a much trimmer waistline and get your midsection back in shape.


Lipo procedures are used to remove those pockets of fat in your belly, hips and thighs that were oh so easy to add over the years but nearly impossible to make go away now. Liposuction can be applied to most areas of the body such as the belly, hips and thighs. This results in a slimmer and more proportionately shaped figure. Say bye bye to those love handles, bulges and saddlebags.

Breast Enhancement Procedures:

Breast enhancement procedures are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries.  You have many options available to you when planning your breast enhancement as part of your Mommy Makeover. Many moms elect to have breast enhancement surgery for many reasons such as balancing breast size, sagging breasts, reduced breast mass, and even too much breast mass. Smaller, larger, or just different; if you want to enhance the look of your breast then all of these issues can be discussed with your doctor.

Breast Lift:

If you have experienced loss of volume or sagging of your breast then you are an ideal candidate for a breast lift. This procedure will both raise and form the breasts by removing unwanted excess and tightening the surrounding tissue.
You know that you want perkier and more attractive breasts; this is the procedure you need if you want to restore your sagging breasts to their youthful tightness and placement.

Breast Augmentation:

If you have lost breast volume or desire a fuller profile then breast augmentation can help. Breast implants are used to accentuate the shape and size of your breasts.
It’s as simple as this – you want fuller, larger, and attractive breasts and you are not alone. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Breast implants will restore and enlarge your breasts. The results are breasts that you are comfortable with and that will naturally fit your body and improve your appearance and confidence.

If you desire a fuller profile, your plastic surgeon can help you settle on implant sizes that fit your body, are comfortable, and feel natural with your Burns Lake surgeon during your mommy makeover plastic surgery.

Breast Reduction:

You have so much to worry about as a mom; your overly large breasts should not be one of them. Excessive breasts mass can cause shoulder, neck, and back pain. If you want to enjoy a more beautiful and proportionate appearance then you should contact a recommended plastic surgeon. By coupling a breast reduction with a breast lift your doctor can remove excess beast fat and skin to reduce their size and lift them so you can achieve that comfortable size and appearance you always wanted.

Skin Rejuvenation:

Whether it is acne, wrinkles, scars or stretch marks many women accept that they are the battle scars of motherhood. Over the counter medications and creams might provide some relief but your cosmetic surgeon can offer various methods to restore your healthy looking skin.

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Your doctor will use thermal energy to stimulate new collagen growth and minimize scars and stretch marks.

Silicon sheets: A great option to soften hard scars caused by C-sections.

Ultherapy: Non-surgical facial toning method which will lift and tighten loose skin on your face and neck.

Botox: Noticeable, natural and REAL results can be achieved in as little as two days with no surgery or recovery time. You can join the millions of people that have chosen to rejuvenate their skin and fight fine and deep wrinkles using Botox.

There are numerous benefits that come with a mommy makeover plastic surgery but the only way to find out how good your before and after photos will look is by taking that first step and scheduling a free no obligation consultation with a plastic surgeon. You can also take the opportunity to discuss any concerns that you have about cost and financing your procedures.